AZIZI challenges the way we think about drinking. We researched the market extensively, and realised the growing desire for an alternative to alcohol. We then set out to create something to meet that need.

We take the very best natural fruit flavours (no added preservatives) and add our unique blend of bitter herbs to create an entirely individual taste sensation.

AZIZI delivers the total mouth feel you expect from an alcoholic drink, but without the alcohol.

We serve AZIZI Classic as a boutique cocktail to ensure you and your friends enjoy a complete social experience.

AZIZI Classic is recommended served in a champagne flute topped up (1-10 ratio) with ice-cold soda water. It can also be enjoyed as a boutique cocktail served with other mixers. We encourage you to explore your own combinations. Our ready to drink range will be launched in March 2016.

AZIZI Classic is a welcome alternative in hotels, bars and pubs as well as for drinking at home.

Aziz Drinks

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